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Intern in Michigan is a radical reimagining of the state’s internship environment. This groundbreaking new system instantly connects students and employers through a unique online matching system. Saving time and headaches, Intern in Michigan makes connections based on specific job-requirements and the individual interests and skills of the candidates.

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Intern in Michigan is your new comprehensive internship and career resource. This free web-based system will help you find Internships by connecting you to the fastest growing network of opportunities in the state. Combining statewide career resources to create the largest network possible, Intern in Michigan is the most effective way to get noticed by Michigan Companies.

Student Advantages:

Unlike other career websites, Intern in Michigan incorporates a revolutionary matching algorithm that uses targeted profile data gathered from both students and employers.

After answering questions based on your individual skills and interests, you’ll be instantly matched to organizations that are looking for someone who fits your unique profile.

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Internships are an effective way to engage young skilled workers. Enhance your current hiring practices by posting your opportunities with Intern in Michigan. Its targeted matching system allows you to pre-screen your candidates saving you time and resources. At the same time, Intern in Michigan amplifies your range, allowing your organization to reach a greater audience of potential employees.

Employer Advantages:

This comprehensive matching resource helps your business engage the region’s best and brightest from the state’s many colleges and universities. Intern in Michigan connects you to qualified interns while complementing your organization’s existing recruitment efforts – Saving you time and money.

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Connect more of your students to real opportunities with Intern in Michigan. Create custom searches for students to help them find internship solutions that meet their individual needs. Intern in Michigan’s comprehensive network of regional employers allows you to search for opportunities without first establishing relationships with new companies. The system also saves you time by pre-screening opportunities enabling you to serve more students.

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